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IPTV is currently CDN bank of the Internet attain is to improve a person’s IP bearer network QoS effective way, many companies Broadband Internet are integrated CDN MDN, for the exact IPTV network, has set a good foundation for the building. CDN networks could well enable the Internet indicates have been the optimal utilization. Will greatly showcase the domestic IPTV undertaking. , CDN technology generation Present, increasingly more more users access specific Internet; Web site is still there to increase; for adding to access to rich resources, especially text, images, music, Advertisement , Streaming media, animation, etc. in vast numbers; online business sound increased exponentially, creating the new large demand for interact bandwidth, and network check out delays and waiting is also always prevalent, these difficulties led to network congestion, server overload, online job wait too long and in addition many other issues, therefore the entire Internet site content delivery performance.

How to relieve congestion, improve the speed to the user access so as to information. Become plagued very enterprises and service manufacturers a difficult problem. Up to rely on increasing se tv från utlandet to solve this problem is a side, in addition, transmission via way of routing over-crowding and delay, the eshop server capacity and many factors, these and viewers and the distance in between the web server will closely related. Therefore, maybe even if every ISP should certainly increase network bandwidth, if the visitors and so the distance between sites, among them Communicate As to go through sections of routing and sending address, the network lag time is inevitable.

The users on that this network system performance wishes are high such on the grounds that the response time along with the visit, the eshop content and services brought by the reliability requirements, the CDN ContentDeliveryNetwork software emerged. years, a players from the Massachusetts Organisme of Technology presented idea of CDN and CDN technology to begin on to study, they set rising in CDN a professional person services company, provides seasoned services to Yahoo. Presently at home and another country have a lot with enterprises and service assistance to start using Contents Delivery Network CDN product to improve network solutions quality to meet the requirements of users.

, CDN definition CDN full name in English tongue is ContentDelieveryNetwork, the content articles delivery network. CDN often is built upon the generally known IP network infrastructure, the best valueadded network. Deployed throughout the application layer society architecture layer. CDN equipment products provide manufacturers bring their own solution, CDN operators to achieve distinct ways, but the benefits of CDN technology may be the same.

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